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Craig D. Miner is a painter and mixed media artist living on the island of Martha's Vineyard just off the coast of America. A background in street art brought Craig into working as an artist in residence to island youth, inspiring him to create forms of Non Permanent graffiti. These materials became the geneisis for Craig's first large scale community based art project Whatever The Outcome. Over 3 years and 11 events Craig D. Miner produced over 5000 pieces of handmade artwork on magnetic canvases which have been strategically dispersed in locations spanning the globe and can still be found today. The necessity for transition to large scale canvases while utilizing the variety of techniques from the previous projects began an exciting period which included both paintings with strong linear and geometric form as well an equally unrestricted works which produced the Solo Exhibition "CRITICAL MASS APPEAL". The show was presented at The Workshop Gallery on Martha's Vineyard July 5th through the 13th. This "Love Letter To Seductive Consumption" included more then 30 works examining this theme while also having strong individual context. The Summer of 2021 included the premiere of two new bodies of work presented at The Workshop Gallery. "WHERES YOUR HEAD AT" opened July 16th 2021 as a collection of our most far reaching pieces with a strong palette of faces and expressions as well as complex themes with a nod to their ironic inspirations. July 24 to August 2 2021 brought us "ASCENSION PERMITS" , a Commission Studies series showcasing a range of styles to serve as inspiration for Commissions for both current and new collectors, allowing patrons to create a unique work special to them. In October, Along with his son, Sculptor Avery Miner, Craig opened the MINER FAMILY GALLERY in shared space with artist Althea Miller of Althea Designs. Created as both a Gallery and a workspace for year round art projects and workshops for a wide range of disciplines, the space will serve as a catalyst for our future endeavors.




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