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Find a family of creatives at Miner Family Gallery.

As we delve into the artistic world of Craig and Avery Miner, we also encounter the threads of family woven into the fabric of Martha's Vineyard life. Michelle Brescia - The Design Maven and Curator Michelle, the matriarch of the Miner family, stands as a design maven and curator. Her keen eye and passion for aesthetics have curated spaces that reflect both innovation and tradition. Michelle's influence extends beyond individual artworks, as she orchestrates the family's artistic endeavors into cohesive exhibitions, turning their home into a gallery that mirrors the essence of the island. Her expertise as a designer and curator adds a sophisticated layer to the Miner family's artistic legacy, transforming their collective vision into a harmonious celebration of creativity and familial connection. Amber Hayes - A Creative Soul in Harmony with Avery's Artistry Amber Hayes, a vital presence in Avery Miner's life and the artistic synergy of the Vineyard. Amber, with her creative spirit, complements Avery's multi-media sculptures with her unique perspective and marketing skills. Together, they form a dynamic partnership that extends the family's artistic influence into new realms, enriching the island's creative tapestry. Max Miner and Megan Bettencourt - Expanding the Artistic Horizon Beyond Craig and Avery, the Miner family extends its creative reach with Max Miner, Craig's eldest son. Max, alongside his girlfriend Megan, contributes to the family's artistic legacy. Whether through their shared love of music, jewelry making, and illustration, Max and Megan add another layer to the Miner family's influence, expanding the horizon of artistic exploration on The island. In this family portrait, each member brings their unique brushstroke to the canvas of Martha's Vineyard life, creating a tapestry of creativity, love, and shared artistic passion that continues to shape the island's vibrant community.



Craig Miner

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Craig Miner is a painter a gallery owner and creative spirit. With the doors always open you can stop by and discuss your next piece at our Vineyard haven location. 


michelle brescia

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Michelle Brescia is an interior designer a creator and a Team leader, with her creative vision she is able to bring everything together and makes each gallery member shine 


Avery miner

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Avery Miner is a mixed media sculptor, a co-owner and vineyard local. Avery's sensory-based artwork stands to celebrate the enduring impact of art that speaks to the soul.


amber hayes

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Amber Hayes is a multidisciplinary  artist and marketing specialist based in West Tisbury. Her practice includes graphic design, web design, social media marketing, and photography. 


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