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We are a year-round gallery on Martha's Vineyard specializing in painting, sculpture, and other forms of experimental contemporary art.  





Meet Craig and Avery Miner, the father-and-son duo that act as the brains and hands behind Miner Family Gallery. Craig's artistic journey is marked by a meticulous approach that dances on the edges of precision and spontaneity. His strokes, whether deliberate or free-flowing, coalesce into a harmonious portrayal of both the human identity and the natural world. Through his ethereal and colorful style, Craig captures the essence and beauty of his subjects in a way that transcends the ordinary depiction and makes a deep personal connection.  What sets Craig apart is his ability to challenge the conventional boundaries of art while maintaining a deep reverence for tradition. His paintings become a canvas of exploration, inviting viewers to delve into the intricate details that reveal themselves upon closer inspection. Avery's work goes beyond traditional forms, creating sensory-based artwork that captivates and engages on a profound level. Avery's sculptures are not merely visual; they are tactile experiences that invite touch, exploration, and connection. His ability lies in the interplay of textures, shapes, and materials, creating a symphony of sensations for the viewer to experience. From smooth, cool surfaces to intricately detailed elements, Avery's sculptures beckon observers to immerse themselves fully. The artist's commitment to engaging multiple senses is evident in the intentional selection of materials. Whether it's the warmth of wood, the cool touch of metal, or the varied textures that invite fingertips to trace their paths, Avery's creations transcend the boundaries of traditional art. Each piece becomes a journey of discovery, inviting viewers to explore the artwork not just visually but also through touch, evoking a visceral response. Together, father and son forge a legacy of change. They have revitalized local spaces and contributed to a vibrant community through their collaborative efforts. As we get to know Craig and Avery Miner, we celebrate their artistic prowess and their transformative impact on Martha's Vineyard. Their sculptures and paintings breathe life into the island, embodying a commitment to creative expression that leaves an enduring mark.


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